Our Personalized Independent Approach


Our customers are our neighbors. We strive to ensure that they have the right coverage at the right price.

The Right Policy

Our simple objective is to identify and minimize our clients' exposure risk with an emphasis on quality coverage, competitive premiums and overall simplicity of insurance matters.


Miller and Associates writes all lines of insurance.  Our staff takes the complexity out of the insurance contract by placing each client with the right company offering the most cost effective protection for each situation.

The Independent Approach

As an independent insurance agency we do not work for the insurance company, we work for you. We represent many of the highest rated companies and can find the best policy for each client based on the coverage and cost.  We strive to achieve the right balance for each individual and business.

Outstanding Customer Service

People do business with Miller & Associates because of the friendly staff, professional environment and the choices we make.

You must contact us to make any changes to a policy that we have in place.


Notification by any means other than talking with your agent  does not qualify as a legal notification to make updates to your coverage.

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